Dallas Probate & Estate Litigation Attorney

It is never an easy thing when you are faced with the death of a loved one. However, what happens if there is a dispute over the distribution of assets under a will because a family members or some other person feels that they are entitled to a greater share of the estate? What if there is no will, where will the assets go? What if you are the beneficiary of a trust and the trustee will not answer your questions? What if you are a trustee of a trust and the beneficiary is making unreasonable demands? When these things happen not only can the probate process be interrupted and delayed, but it can end up being substantially more difficult.

If you are facing these questions or having difficulties with the interpretation or validity of a will, property, guardianship or trust, it is important that you contact an experienced probate attorney today.

When Is Probate Litigation Necessary?

Whether litigation involving an estate or trust is necessary will depend, at least in part, on the size and complexity of a deceased individual’s estate. Beneficiaries or heirs may take issue with the way in which the assets are to be allocated. Concerns may arise regarding the mental capacity of the decedent at the time the will or trust was created. There may be issues of whether the will or trust truly reflects their wishes and desires or whether they were unduly influenced to make a will or trust that was not truly theirs, but rather reflected the wishes of someone else.

If you or a family member have reason to believe that your loved one’s will or a trust was not made in accordance with their true desires then you should discuss the matter with an experienced probate litigator who can help you plan the best strategy under the circumstances. The only way to effectively resolve such a matter is by involving legal professionals who can help you determine whether a document should be contested or the best way to defend one when it is. When such litigation occurs or is threatened, the executor or trustee will be obligated to defend the validity of the will or trust. Under no circumstances should anyone undertake estate and probate litigation in the absence of a qualified professional who can represent their best interests.

At Norris & Weber, PLLC we will dedicate all of our resources and professional knowledge to handling your case. With more than 85 years of collective experience among the attorneys on our team, we are prepared to take on even the most complicated matters involving any aspect of estate, trust and probate litigation.