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We strive to do the best for our clients both in and out of the courtroom.

What Our Clients are Saying

  • Scott’s superb knowledge of the law and the rules of court, along with his continued persistence, won my case.


  • You were patient, friendly, kind, explained the process where I could understand and an amazing help – a Godsend. Thank you Scott!


  • Scott, thank you very much. You lead an impressive team, and I’m glad you were available to assist my family with this difficult issue.


  • Scott, your probate/fiduciary legal skills – and your deposition skills – are incomparable. Proud to be on the same side.


  • When I die, whichever of my kids gets to Scott first is seriously going to kick the s*** out of the other.

    Dallas Attorney

  • Dear Scott + Brooke (and your sweet staff), Thanks for making an unpleasant situation less so. I truly appreciate all you did, and will forever be grateful.


  • John, I did not understand my legal rights and how to proceed and your advice and guidance made me more confident and empowered.


  • Throughout the process Scott was able to make sure we stayed true to our strategy, never wavered from our ethics, didn’t succumb to dirty tricks and tactics, and the net result was a very favorable outcome.


  • We felt like we were in good hands the minute we walked out of the first meeting. That is hugely important to an embattled client.


  • There is no doubt that [Scott’s] timely obtained summary judgment gave us the hammer we needed to get the plaintiff out of our mutual client’s life.